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Rockaway Call for Ideas – Occupy the Dune, Balmori Associates

In an effort to foster creative debate on urban recovery in New York after Hurricane Sandy, MoMA PS1 and MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design have asked for ideas to create a sustainable waterfront in Rockaway. Ideas were submitted in the format of a short video no longer than three minutes.

The aim was to hear ideas for alternative housing models, creation of social spaces, urban interventions, new uses of public space, the rebuilding of the boardwalk, protection of the shoreline, and actions to engage local communities.

Rockaway – MoMA PS1

Occupy the Dune, Balmori Associates


Balmori Associates suggests creating and occupying sand dunes. Ultimately the dunes will help fortify the city from natural disasters such as large storms. The design uses natural processes to build the dunes. Public space is created on the less sensitive land. The public space is programmable and adaptive to different uses.

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Humanitarian Opportunity! Papua New Guinea

For landscape architects interested in humanitarian work located in a tropical environment; check out this opportunity for a two year stint in Papua New Guinea working as an urban planing adviser.

Work will include advising on the development of waste and environmental management, and supporting the development of a beautification program for Kimbe town. To ensure local staff have the capacity to implement the town plans, you will also work towards developing a training program for local staff.

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Humanitarian Opportunity! Papua New Guinea

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Borderless Competition

Landscape Architects should be involved with devising ways to bring out the best cross border solutions.The Borderless Competition brings attention to the spaces along the borders of the 10 ASEAN nations, with the aim of improving their existing conditions. Does landscape have borders? Is the LA profession well placed and primed for projects of this nature? Have a look at the competition website below and get involved!

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