About LAFH

A resource to help mobilize the landscape architecture profession and raise global awareness regarding the humanitarian services that the profession can provide to people and places around the world suffering from plight or inequality.

If you are interested in working on, collaborating or discussing humanitarian projects with LAFH please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also always looking for contributors to our blog and social networks. You can contact us at: lafh@laforhumanity.org

The LAFH Objective:

The initial focus of LAFH is to create a library of information to inspire and aid landscape architects engaging in humanitarian projects and research.

The next step is to facilitate the engagement of landscape architects in real projects. It is important to mention that there are number of organizations through which LAs can engage in humanitarian work (Architecture For Humanity as one example), however LAFH aims to focus on providing landscape architecture driven solutions and overcoming landscape problems.

LAFH is currently interested in finding a few ‘kick start’ projects with the idea of creating design competitions and utilizing the landscape architecture profession to provide landscape based solutions for humanitarian projects. We are keen to hear about any projects that LAFH could assist.

If you would like to discuss project ideas please not hesitate to contact us: