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  • Playground Ideas – Building Playgrounds In Developing Countries

    Playground Ideas – Building Playgrounds In Developing Countries

    Check out the article “Playground Ideas” on ArchitectureAU Since 2010, Marcus Veerman and his not-for-profit organization Playground Ideas has been helping build playgrounds in developing countries. “Play is important in the developing world because schools often have few resources … In many schools playgrounds are considered unaffordable. We’re working with communities to create sustainable, affordable solutions […]

  • Miss Emily Lowery – What Does Landscape Architecture Look Like In A Developing Country?

    INTRODUCTION: Miss Emily Lowery is a budding landscape architect, graphic artist, nature enthusiast, and a piece-together artist. As part of the Master of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Minnesota, Miss Emily Lowery recently completed a project focused on reforestation and cultural restoration on Mfangano Island, Kenya. What does landscape architecture look like in […]