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  • Importance of natural systems : wetlands

    Importance of natural systems : wetlands

    Are we considering the importance and value of our natural systems enough? Monetary valuation of ‘ecosystem services’ certainly has its flaws and there are good arguments against it. However, surely in this situation of large scale clearance it would of supported a case for more wetland preservation in the face apartment development? An environmental impact […]

  • Better Urban Planning Needed To Dodge Disasters

    Check out the article “Better Urban Planning Needed To Dodge Disasters” on IRIN With the world’s mega-cities growing even larger, policymakers (especially those in developing countries) need urban planning that will help these areas withstand the impacts of natural disasters. The article highlights: Developing world will have 4 billion in cities by 2030 Urban flooding […]

  • Playground Ideas – Building Playgrounds In Developing Countries

    Playground Ideas – Building Playgrounds In Developing Countries

    Check out the article “Playground Ideas” on ArchitectureAU Since 2010, Marcus Veerman and his not-for-profit organization Playground Ideas has been helping build playgrounds in developing countries. “Play is important in the developing world because schools often have few resources … In many schools playgrounds are considered unaffordable. We’re working with communities to create sustainable, affordable solutions […]

  • Miss Emily Lowery – What Does Landscape Architecture Look Like In A Developing Country?

    INTRODUCTION: Miss Emily Lowery is a budding landscape architect, graphic artist, nature enthusiast, and a piece-together artist. As part of the Master of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Minnesota, Miss Emily Lowery recently completed a project focused on reforestation and cultural restoration on Mfangano Island, Kenya. What does landscape architecture look like in […]